Prevention Working Group

The Prevention Working Group was asked to address how we can prevent sexual violence through education and training and through creating a safe environment. In recommending actionable steps, the working group was encouraged to consider the following:


  • What are the characteristics of a successful sexual violence prevention program? Is there evidence that certain approaches are more successful than others and how robust is that evidence? Based on these considerations, what might the University of Virginia consider to augment its current prevention programs?
  • What can be done in UVA’s initial contacts with future applicants to convey the significance of a safe campus culture? What if anything can be done in the admissions process to reduce the likelihood of admitting a violence-prone student?
  • Is it known whether an active sexual violence prevention program affects the reporting of sexual violence, either positively or negatively?
  • What role should student and advocacy groups play?
  • Not every sexual assault involves alcohol, but alcohol abuse can be a contributing factor and is an issue in its own right. How can the University better handle the issues surrounding alcohol? Are there other issues of drug use and abuse that should be considered?
  • What environmental changes (changes in physical infrastructure or transportation, for example) are most likely to be effective in preventing sexual violence?

This charge may evolve as the working group delves deeper into its topic.



  • William J. (Bill) Brady, M.D., Working Group Chair
  • Abraham G. Axler
  • Ira R. Bashkow
  • Diane L. Charles
  • Nathan P. Charlton
  • Oliver W. (Ollie) Engebretson
  • Benjamin J. Gorman
  • Meg Jay
  • Travis Larrabee
  • Stephen P. Long, M.D.
  • Barbara A. Millar
  • Darius P. Nabors
  • C. Joy Omenyi
  • Benjamin (Ben) Rexrode
  • Brian H. Roy
  • Sheryl J. Schwartz
  • Jay P. Shimshack
  • Sara C. Surface
  • Robert M. (Bob) Tata
  • Nicole A. Thomas
  • D. Mark Webb
  • Tammy M. Wincup
  • Deborah van Eersel, Working Group Staff
  • Amanda C. Huskin, Working Group Staff


To report an incident of bias, hazing or sexual misconduct, please use the Just Report It site.